Hey, I’m Lauren and I am a visual artist.

Born in Leeds and inspired by a life long love of VHS aesthetics and the likes of Pippilotti Rist and Mark Lecky; visual artist Lauren Harrison, cuts, pastes, resamples and distorts moving images to assemble immersive live visual landscapes. Armed with a midi controller and a laptop, her sets seek not to be a distraction but to collaborate, enrich and invoke. Each show is done on the fly and no two shows are the same.

Since graduating from the with a Bachelors in Fine Art from the University of Reading in 2013, Lauren has returned to Leeds via Brighton and thrown herself in to exciting visual projects. This has included creating a film centred event with female Brighton based collective Saints of the Lot, being an audio/visual advisor for Leeds based Collective Slut Drop and being lead resident visual artist and part of the team that create the bi-monthly event Think Tank: A Place for Your Head. Each project has enabled Lauren to broaden her skill set and feeds directly back into her process of creating new works. Alongside work with collectives, Lauren creates personal video works that are informed by her past experiences.

Past Events/Shows

Want to know more? Get in touch at lcharrison89@googlemail.com or check out Laurens Instagram @cath_e_ode @brews_and_chats


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